There are many things we can say about the high quality of service that we provide to home seller and home buyer clients, but probably none would be as credible as testimonials from some of our recent clients themselves.

So please take a moment to read the following testimonials. I hope they indicate our experience and integrity, as well as make it clear how much we enjoy helping people with their real estate needs.


"Dear Martin & Suzanne,


Well, it's been a long journey... We realize that you took on quite a challenge in a townhouse that had already been on the market for several months - in a market that had drastically slowed & we can not thank you enough for all that you've done for us.


Thank you for your time, your energy & your patience - of which - there were in all cases exhaustive amounts. Rest assured it has not gone unnoticed, despite our frustration & panic which may have made it seem otherwise.


We are - truly - forever in your debt & we won't forget it. "

 Catherine & Ned M., Fairfax VA



"Dear Martin & Suzanne,


At a number of points during this endeavor, the results looked dreary to nonexistent. Despite this, you maintained an intense pursuit of a viable conclusion that has been quite admirable. I felt that you genuinely cared about my well-being more than your own reward. I think that this is an extraordinary thing to encounter in another person, let alone in a commission driven field.


This being said, I merely wanted to extend ....my appreciation for all your efforts."

Jason K., L.A.,California



And from a Colleague....


"Martin & Suzanne,


It was such a pleasure working with both of you on the sale of  A_____W_____ Way. J_____D_____ was served well by two professionals.


I hope to have the opportunity to work with you again.


Best Regards,

Charlie R_____